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    Perform hypothesis testing under t distribution with given data

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    I'm working on a project that deals with the impact of age on helicopter pilots and want to see if that after age 40 accidents occur more frequently. I would like to use a T test to test this but an unsure how to go about doing it.
    I think the hypothesis would be:
    H1: Accidents occur more frequently above the age of 40.
    H0: Number of accidents above age 40 are the same as below that age.
    There are a total of 50 randomly selected accidents
    The mean age is 48.12
    The age standard deviation is
    Age Range Frequency
    24-31 5
    32-39 8
    40-46 8
    47-54 9
    55-62 16
    63-70 4.

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    Answer: we first calculate the mean and standard deviation of 50 data points.

    Age Range Frequency Midpoint
    24-31 5 (24+31)/2=27.5
    32-39 8 (32+39)/2=35.5
    40-46 8 (40+46)/2=43
    47-54 ...

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