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    Paired T test

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    An experimental surgical procedure is being studied as an alternative to the old method. Both methods are considered safe. Five surgeons perform the operation on two patients matched by age, sex, and other relevant factors, with the results shown. The time to complete the surgery (in minutes) is recorded.

    At the 5% significance level, is the new way faster?

    Surgeon => 1 2 3 4 5
    Old way 36 55 28 40 62
    New way 29 42 30 32 56

    A. Choose the Hypothesis

    B. Specify the Decision Rule

    C. Calculate the Test Statistic

    D. Make the Decision

    E. Give an interpretation of the Decision

    F. P-value Method
    1. Calculate the P-value, what is it?

    2. Does that P-value support the Decision in Part D?

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