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Independent sample t test

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Problem 8-55

Two movies were screen-tested at two different samples of theaters. Mystic river was viewed at 80 theaters and was considered a success in terms of box office sales in 60 of these theaters. Swimming Pool was viewed at a random sample of 100 theaters and was considered a success in 65. Based on these data, do you believe that one of these movies was a greater success than the other? Explain.

Problem 8-72

The New York Times reports that cosmetic surgery is seeing much growth recently as the US population ages. One aspect of this growth is that more men are choosing to have plastic surgery to improve their looks. If a random sample of 3,000 men reveals that 140 of them have had plastic surgery, and an independent random sample of 3,000 women reveals that 351 of them have had plastic surgery, test for equality of proportions. Use the 0.05 level of significance.


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