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Hypothesis Testing: Independent sample t test

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Please see attached file for data.

Based on what you have seen in all the formulas at this point, Examine the data below and tell me the formula or formulas you would apply to this data, plus what is the IV and the DV.

Please solve based on the formula you feel best applies to this data set.

In 1987, a consulting organization studying the distribution of disease and acute health problems in California classified the occurrence of stroke within the bay area by the patient's zip code. This allowed a detailed break down of the incidence of stroke in these cities. The following table indicates the rate of hospital admission for stroke in the communities that make up the bay area. Each community is identified by either San Francisco (SF) or other. Is there a difference in the admission for stoke patients in San Francisco than other bay area cities?

(Ramon McLeod, "Pittsburg: Bay Area Sick Spot," San Francisco Chronicle, July 18, p.1)

SF Russian Hill 2.04
SF Ingleside 2.00
Pittsburg 1.98
San Pablo 1.98
Pinole 1.98
Antioch 1.92
SF Marina 1.90
San Jose Center 1.90
SF Potrero 1.89
Oakland 1.88
San Jose East 1.85
Petaluma 1.72
Alameda 1.70
Daily City 1.67
SF Tenderloin 1.55

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