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    Hypothesis Testing for Mean and Correlation (using t test)

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    An average computer mouse inspector can inspect 50 mice per hour. The 48 computer mice inspectors at a particular factory can only inspect 46 mice per hour with a standard deviation of 10. At = 0.025, does the company have reason to believe that these inspectors are slower than average?

    A doctor believes that the standard deviation of systolic blood pressure is 450. A random sample of 24 patients found a standard deviation of 520. Assume the variable is normally distributed and alpha equals 0.01. What are the critical values?

    If r = -0.726 and n = 6, test the significance of the correlation coefficient at a = .05

    At a certain university, the average cost of books per student was $330 per student last semester. In a sample of 50 students this semester, their average cost was $355 with a standard deviation of $85. The Dean of Students believes that the costs are greater this semester. What is the test value for this hypothesis?

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