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    Hypothesis Test to test - t - statistic two Sample Hypothesi

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    Question :
    A double blind study was carried out to determine whether a certain calcium supplement reduces systolic blood pressure in adult black males. One group of 16 took the calcium supplement and a control group of 14 received a placebo. The summary statistics for the decrease in blood pressure were as follows:

    Group n Mean S

    (Received calcium) 16 3.50 9.50

    (Received placebo) 14 - 0.52 7.42

    In other words, the calcium group showed a drop in blood pressure and the placebo group showed a small increase. Answer parts (a) - (e) in regard to testing whether or not the calcium supplement reduces blood pressure.

    (a) State the appropriate null and alternative hypothesis for the test.
    (b) Compute the t-statistic. Show what formula you are using.
    (c) Between what two values does the p-value fall ?
    (d) Is the test significant at the 5% level ? At 1% level ? Explain your
    Find a 90% confidence interval for the difference in mean blood pressures for the calcium group and the placebo group
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    Let Meu1 denote the mean decrease in blood pressure due to calcium and Meu2 denote the mean decrease ...

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    Null Hypothesis is no significant difference in effect due to Calcium Supplement
    Alternative Hypothesis the calcium supplement has significant effect in decreasing
    blood pressure
    Therefore, 0.10 < P < 0.20
    Hence we conclude that the calcium supplement does not have a significant
    effect in reducing blood pressure

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