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    Paired T test

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    The engineer in a widget factory wants to test out a new form of raw materials. So a batch of widgets are made in the old manner as a control group and then a batch are made with the new materials as a comparison. If the average widget weight is statistically the same on both sets, the new materials will be used. The weights of the 10 old process widgets and the 10 new process widgets are seen below.

    Old New
    36.19 36.20
    35.80 36.62
    36.00 36.03
    36.19 36.40
    36.18 36.44
    36.11 36.02
    36.13 36.12
    36.48 36.56
    35.98 36.05
    36.40 36.44

    1. Define this situation as either a 2 sample test or a paired test. Why? (1 point)
    2. Calculate a test statistic (1 point)
    3. Calculate a p-value (1 point)
    4. Give an accurate statement as to whether or not the new widget material should be used. Use a significance level of 0.05. (1 point)

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