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    Z scores for a math and spanish exam

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    A student had exams in math and Spanish. On the math the mean was u=30 and o= 5 and the student had a score of x=45. On the Spanish exam the mean was u= 60 and o=8 and the student has a score of x=68 . For which class can the student expect the better grade?

    What is the z score corresponding to the mean?

    What is the N value?

    If an entire population with u=60 and o=8 is transformed into z scores then the distribution of the z scores will have a mean of ___ and a standard deviation of ___?

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    z score corresponding to x = 45 is given by,

    z = (x - u)/o = (45 - 30)/5 = 3

    P (z < 3) = 0.9987

    That is, 99.87% students scored less than ...

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    The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of normal probability in the context of a Spanish and math exam.