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    Normal Distribution SAT Scores

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    The average score on the math portion of the SAT was 516 in 2002. suppose that the math score of all students taking the SAT 2002 were normally distributed with a mean of 516 and a standard deviation of 90.
    a) what percentage of the students scored higher than 600 on this exam?
    b) what percentage of the students scored lower than 450 on this exam?
    c) An elite technical college requires a student's math SAT score to be 700 or higher to be considered for admission what percentage of the students who took the SAT 2002 is eligible for consideration by this college?
    d) Joe wants to score in the top 15% to achieve this goal what must he score on the math SAT?

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    Z = (X - Mean)/ Std Dev. Based on the obtained Z value , probability is looked up the normal table.
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