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    Statistics - Inference about a population mean

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    The placebo effect. The placebo effect is particularly strong in patients with Parkinson's disease. To understand the workings of the placebo effect, scientists measure activity at a key point in the brain when patients receive a placebo that they think is an active drug and also when no treatment is given. The same six patients are measured both with and without the placebo, at different times.

    (a) Explain why the proper procedure to compare the mean response to placebo with control (no treatment) is a matched pairs t test.

    (b) The six differences (treatment minus control) had the mean = -0.326 and s = 0.181. Is there significant evidence of a difference between treatment and control?

    understanding application

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    (a) The test used here is a matched pairs t- test because the same sample of 6 patients is studied under two ...

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    The expert examines inference about a population mean. The proper procedures to compare the mean response to placebo with control is a matched pairs t test. A complete, neat and step-by-step solution is provided.