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    Statistics: Correlation Coefficient & Regression Analysis

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    Please help with the following problem. Provide step by step calculations.

    Construct a scatterplot for the (x, y) values below, and answer the following questions.

    x y

    1 -10.0

    2 -20.0

    3 -30.0

    4 -40.0

    5 -50.0

    - What would be the slope of this regression line?
    - Would the correlation between x and y be positive or negative?
    - How would you interpret these data in terms of linear regression?

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    What would be the slope of this regression ...

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    This solution provides the step by step methodology required for calculating the correlation coefficient and regression analysis which applies to the given data set. Formulas for the calculations and interpretations of the results are also included. Both an Excel file and a Word document accompany this solution. Step by step calculations are provided.