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    Standardized Regression Coefficients

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    Describe the direction of the relationship between AGE and CDRS based on the regression coefficients. Be sure to explain how the standardized (beta) regression coefficients for AGE is used to determine the direction and magnitude of the association between AGE and CDRS, and how it may be used to determine whether RADS or AGE has a greater impact on CDRS score.

    - Assume RADS is an X (predictor or independent) variable
    - Assume AGE is an X (predictor or independent) variable
    - Assume CDRS is the Y (response or dependent) variable.
    - Assume the level of significance for all statistical tests is p = 0.05
    - Assume the research hypotheses are non-directional.

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    Based on the MODEL SUMMARY CHART, the regression coefficient for AGE is 0.525. This suggests that there is a positive relationship between AGE and CDRS. In addition, what ...

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