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    Regression Equation: Average SAT Scores & GPAs

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    Suppose that you are interested in determining the relation between the students average SAT scores [x] and their freshman GPA [y]. You collect the results for 50 students. Your hypothesis is that the SAT scores explain some of the variation in GPA's of the students. After collecting your data, you obtain the following statistics:

    The sum of y = 125.07
    The sum of x = 24,448

    The sum of y^2 = 457.86
    The sum of x^2 = 22,559,284
    The sum of xy = 84,683.7

    [N = 50].

    What is the regression equation - show work. What is the meaning of the coefficient of x? f.
    What is the coefficient of determination from these sample statistics? What does this coefficient indicate?

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