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    regression and scatter plot

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    Manatees are large, gentle sea creatures that live along the Florida coast. Many manatees are killed or injured by powerboats. Here are data on powerboat registrations (in thousands) and the number of manatees killed by boats in Florida in the years 1977 to 1987.

    (a) Which is the explanatory variable? Make a scatterplot of these data. Describe the overall pattern and any outliers or other important deviations.

    (b) Fit a line to the scatterplot by eye and draw the line on your graph. If in a future year powerboat registrations increase to 700,000 predict the number of manatees that will be killed by boats.

    (c) Identify the explanatory variable in this data and determine the predicted the number of manatees killed in any future year if boat registration increases to 700,000 using the following equation.

    y = -38.29 + 0.1187x

    Enter the data in the table into an EXCEL data sheet. Then using EXCEL, construct a scatterplot with a regression line included. Then, using the attachment function, create message answering the questions in "a" "b" and "c" above, and attach your EXCEL graph.

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    (a) Here, the number of powerboat registrations is the independent variable and the number of manatees killed is the dependent variable. The data fits very well within the cluster and there seem to be no ...

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