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    Regression analysis

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    Calculation are done in Excel.

    a. Formulate the hypotheses if the purpose is to test for a significant difference
    between the mean times for the two airlines.

    The null hypothesis tested
    H0: There is no significant difference in the mean times for the two airlines.
    H1: There is significant difference in the mean times for the two airlines.
    b. Compute the value of the test statistic.
    The test statistic used is given by The test Statistic used is Independent sample test . The test statistic is given by
    Rejection criteria:
    • Reject the null hypothesis, if the calculated value of t is greater than the critical value of t at 0.05 significance level.
    • Reject the null hypothesis if the p value is less than the significance level (0.05)
    t Test for Differences in Two Means

    Hypothesized Difference 0
    Level of Significance 0.05
    Population 1 Sample : Delta
    Sample Size 22
    Sample Mean 2.5
    Sample Standard Deviation 0.8
    Population 2 Sample :North West
    Sample Size 20
    Sample Mean 2.1
    Sample Standard Deviation 1.1

    Intermediate Calculations
    Population 1 Sample Degrees of Freedom 21
    Population 2 Sample Degrees of Freedom 19
    Total Degrees of Freedom 40
    Pooled Variance 0.91075
    Difference in Sample Means 0.4
    t Test Statistic 1.356632

    Two-Tail Test
    Lower Critical Value -2.02108
    Upper Critical Value 2.021075
    p-Value 0.182506
    Do not reject the null hypothesis

    c. What is your conclusion by the P value method at 5% level of significance?
    Fails to reject the null hypothesis as the p value 0.182506 is greater than the significance level (0.05). Thus the sample does not provide enough evidence to support ...

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