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Regression Analysis

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Please review my project that I need to present to class I see that I would Reject Ho on all variables. I would like to state something significant about my work, professor gave 30 data lines no more than 4 variables as a project but did not discuss the Regression portion that much. I would like further detail to put in my attached narrative he did ask that we do the 0 Constant but my NA results did not do much. When I went to the dealership independent variables were difficult to find. The professor did approve the project--but was looking for that--I thought perhaps I could state at the end of the paper what other variables I could have had--he restricted us to a total of 4 if you look at the columns to the extreme right I had those as sample of what else I could of used as data- but again they are not independent and were not included in my regression I will be deleting those--Please Express what thoughts you have for independent variables I was thinking age, gender, weather as a few--Please review the regression and narrative open to any ideas Perhaps discuss my P-value not sure also the password to access the spreadsheet is 242424. I would like to know what this data really gave me statiscally and what benefit it could be?

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From your data and the explanation accordingly, I doubt whether there's autocorrelation between your explanatory variables of finance charges, interest rate and monthly payment (which means one explanatory variable may be explained by another one.). Because, you know, usually the total finance charges (the total interest paid on the loan amount) that the customer pays is surely depending on the interest rate and terms.
<br>Then I test the autocorrelation by OLS regressions between the three explanatory variables, however, the R square I get from each regression is very low. Since I am not sure where you ...

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