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    Regression Analysis

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    Accu-copiers Inc sells Accu 500 copy machines. As part of standard contract, they perform routine servicing of the copier. To obtain the time it takes to perform the routine service they collected 11 service calls.

    The service call information revealed the the following.

    Refer to Table 10C attached.

    a) Determine the regression equation
    b) What conclusions are possible using bo (intercept) b1 (size ) in this problem. Explain the meaning of the coeeficient
    c) What conclusions are possible using coefficent detemination (r- squared)?
    d) Calculate the coefficent of correlation
    e) Does the data provide significant evidence (alpha=.05)
    F) Predict the the average number of minutes required to service a copier. answer 111.873
    g) What is the 95% confidence interval for the number of minutes

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