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Amrit, I really appreciated your detail explanation, is it possible to represent how the detail explanation would be displayed in a graph in your response, Why does one develop a line of regression? What kind of outcomes from the line of regression make sense or does it have to be on the line to be valid? But what does it mean in the context of this problem to have a slope of 0.7 or a y-intercept of -0.1? Is this asking too much?Please forgive me, I am having a mental block tonight and trying to understand the concepts.

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<br><br> Thanks for your appreciation. Next time onwards, I'll always try to explain you with the graph. Thanks for your great comments. Definitely, it will help me to improve my self so that I can explain you proerly.
<br><br>Herewith I've attached two jpg files. One (reg_ln.jpg) explains your problem and the other (epoch_bst_ft_ln.jpg) is the file obtained for real lefe data I'm using for my research work.
<br><br> <br> To explain you the use of the regression line, first I'm asking you a question: supoose you know the value of y at x = 1,2,3, and 4. Now if some one asks you what will be the value of y at at x = 2.4 or at x = 5.6. The procedure you may apply is the interpolation (for x=2.4) and extrapolation (for x = 5.6) considering the linear variation between x = 2 and x =3 and outside of 4 also. But may be the variation is non-linear but some other function say y = x^2. So, to get such an information that what type of relation between x and y ...

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