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    Linear Regression Equation for Midterm Scores

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    (1) Find the regression equation based on the following information:

    avg midterm score = 70 (st dev = 10)
    avg final score = 55 (st dev = 20)
    r = 0.60

    (2) The regression equation for predicting height from weight is:

    height = 0.047 * weight + 62.4

    What does the slope mean?

    See attached file for full problem description.

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    1. For this problem, you need to know two things:

    (1) For the regression equation y = a + bx, b = r(sy/sx)
    (2) The regression equation always passes through the means of both variables.

    We will use the first fact to find the slope of the line and the second fact to find the y-intercept.

    Since we're predicting final score from midterm score, the dependent variable (y) will be the final score and the independent ...

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