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    Interpreting Regression Analysis Output from EViews

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    I need to be able to critically assess a regression analysis printout from EViews (sample attached) and be able to identify possible issues - i.e.:
    - potential heteroskedasticity
    - potential autocorrelation
    - potential multicollinearity problem
    prior to running the specific tool which provides further analysis for one of these 3 issues. Also, assessing the f-statistic and obs*r-squared from one of these 3 tests to confirm or reject the existence of a problem.

    Knowing what values in what fields will indicate statistical significance is essentially what I need.

    NOTE: The attached file is a sample printout (the data is not correct) - I need to know 'in general' what to look out for in a printout.

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    I think what you are generally asking is how to interpret output from a hypothesis test whether it is for heteroskedasticity, autocorrelation, or multicollinearity. When you run a hypothesis test the null is that the condition doesn't exist or that there is no heteroskedasticity, autocorrelation, or multicollinearity. The test statistic is used to try to reject ...

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    The solution provided is a 200-250 word general explanation of how to interpret whether output from a hypothesis test is for heteroskedasticity, autocorrelation, or multicollinearity and three .pdf attachments which got into more depth on the topic.