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    Forecast the sales for the home improvements market - Mexico

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    Forecast the sales for the home improvements market for Mexico City for 2007 using expenditures per household as the explanatory (independent) variable in a linear regression analysis. Graph the actual and forecasted data. See attached for data.

    Select another possible explanatory variable, in addition to expenditures per household that could be used to forecast annual sales for the home improvement market in Mexico City. Discuss why this variable may be a good predictor of sales and where you could obtain data on this variable. Then using at least nine years of such data (predicted if necessary), calculate a second linear regression equation using your selected variable.
    Year Population
    2000 99,927
    2001 101,247
    2002 102,480
    2003 103,718
    2004 104,960
    2005 106,203
    2006 107,450
    2007 108,701

    See attached file for full problem description.

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