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    Bivariate Regression in Excel

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    (a) Make an Excel scatter plot. What does it suggest about the population correlation between X and Y?
    (b) Make an Excel worksheet to calculate SSxx , SSyy , and SSxy. Use these sums to calculate the sample correlation coefficient. Check your work by using Excel's function =CORREL(array1,array2). Find t.05 for a two-tailed test for zero correlation. (d) Calculate the t test statistic. Can you reject rho = 0? (e) Use Excel's function =TDIST(t,deg_freedom,tails) to calculate the two-tail p-value.

    Part-Time Weekly Earnings ($) by College Students

    Hours Worked (X) Weekly Pay (Y)
    10 93
    15 171
    20 204
    20 156
    35 261

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