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Use of Centeral Tendency

Suppose you were in charge of advertising for an automotive dealership when the gas prices increased to $6 per gallon. Most of your cars are fuel-efficient, but you have two models that have extremely poor fuel economy, that is, a low number of miles per gallon.

How would you use a measure of central tendency in your advertising to present your product line in the best light? Why would you choose this measure of central tendency? What circumstances would make you choose an alternative measure? Specify the circumstances and the measure you would use.

Indicate at least two situations in which you would use a measure of central tendency to communicate with others. What measure would you use and why? Make sure to provide enough detail about the situations so that others can understand your responses.

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We will use mean to identify the extremely poor fuel economy. Mean will tell us the difference in the fuel economy. This measure will tell us the mean difference in the data. This data is continuous so ...

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