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Regression analysis

An instructor wants to figure out if a student's score on the first exam is correlated with their score on the final exam or if they predict the final exam. Below are the figures for 10 randomly selected students from her class. (25 points)

Student First Exam, Final Exam,
Score, x Score, y

A 46 48
B 32 40
C 40 35
D 35 34
E 28 25
F 32 34
G 40 39
H 48 45
I 28 29
J 35 32

a. Calculate the means, medians, modes, variances, and standard deviations.
b. Calculate sigma(x²), sigma(y²), and sigma(xy). _________, __________, and __________.
c. What is Pearson's r? _____________________.
d. Compute the regression equation y on x.
e Compute the standard error of the estimate.

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Step by step method for regression analysis is discussed here. Regression coefficients, coefficient of determination, scatter diagram and significance of regression model are explained in the solution.