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Problem on mean, median, mode, variance, quartile, std dev

I have do answer the questions below, using different numbers can u answer them with those number so that I can answer mine. Please elaborate on the last set of questions, the begining questions 1-11 I understand, but I still need you to answer. so that can can make sure I'm doing this right

Given the following set of data


1. Calculate the mean
2. Calculate the median
3. Calculate the mode
4. Is the distribution symmetric? Why?
5. Is the distribution uniform? Why?
6. Calculate the 25th percentile
7. Calculate the 75th percentile
8. Calculate the interquartile range
9. Calculate the range
10. Calculate the variance
11. Calculate the standard deviation
12. Suppose, we add the number 100 to the above list. What do you
expect will happen to the mean, the median and the standard deviation?
No need to calculate the metrics again. Just use your knowledge of the
three metrics to answer this question.

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Problem on mean, median, mode, variance, quartile, std dev etc