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See the attached files.

Also, please see the formula sheet and standard normal distribution table to be used.

Only use a scientific or graphing calculator (Excel does not help me) and please show all working out.

Question 1
The following data set represents the oxygen uptake values for a random sample of 12 middle aged distance runners.
13 36 22 16 20 24 23 28 18 32 17 46

a. Calculate the mean oxygen uptake value.

b. Using the short-cut formula, calculate the standard deviation of oxygen uptake values.

c. Calculate the approximate value of the 40th percentile. What does this number tell you?

d. What is the percentile rank of the runner whose oxygen uptake was 32? What does this number tell you?

e. Calculate the median oxygen uptake.

f. Considering the relationship between the mean and median oxygen uptake, in what direction is this data skewed?

Question 2
An investor purchased 500 shares of Stock A at $10 per share, 300 shares of Stock B at $20 per share, and 100 shares of Stock C at $30 per share. What was the weighted mean price per share?


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