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    Government Spending Case Study

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    Based on the attached case and excel spreadsheet, please answer the following questions:

    a. Develop numerical and graphical summaries of the data.
    b. Use regression analysis to investigate the relationship between the amount spent per pupil and the composite score on the NAEP test. Discuss your findings.
    c. Do you think that the estimated regression equation developed for these data could be used to estimate the composite scores for the states that did not participate in the NAEP program?
    d. Suppose that you only considered states that spend at least $4000 per pupil but not more than $6000 per pupil. For these states, does the relationship between the two variables appear to be any different than for the complete data set? Discuss the results of your findings and whether you think deleting states with spending less than $4000 per year and more than $6000 per pupil is appropriate.
    e. Develop estimates of the composite scores for the states that did not participate in the NAEP program.
    f. Based upon your analyses, do you think that the educational achievement level of students is related to how much the state spends on education?

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