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Assignment problem:Bayville elementary school

Bayville has built a new elementary school, increasing the town's total to four schools- Addision, Beeks, Canfield, and Daley. Each has a capacity of 400 students. The school board wants to assign children to schools so that their travel time by bus is as short as possible. The school board has partitioned the town into five districts conforming to population density- north, south, east, west, and central. The average bus travel time from each district to each school is shown as follows:

Travel Time (mins)

District Addison Beeks Canfield Daley Student Population

North 12 23 35 17 250
South 26 15 21 27 340
East 18 20 22 31 310
West 29 24 35 10 210
Central 15 10 23 16 290

Determine the number of children that should be assigned from each district to each school to minimize total student travel time.

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