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Uniform distribution and joint probabiliy

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The probabilities of the events A and B are .20 and .30, respectively. The probability that both A and B occur is .15. What is the probability of either A or B occurring?

America West Airlines reports the flight time from Los Angeles International Airport
to Las Vegas is 1 hour and 5 minutes, or 65 minutes. Suppose the actual flying time is uniformly distributed between 60 and 70 minutes.

A. Show a graph of the continuous probability distribution.
B. What is the mean flight time? What is the variance of the flight times?
C. What is the probability the flight time is less than 68 minutes?
D. What is the probability the flight takes more than 64 minutes?

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Two questions; one on a joint probability question and another on a uniform distribution.

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Joint and Marginal Probability Distributions

Person takes bus & subway to work. Bus runs every 20 min (X) & subway every 4 min (Y). Assume timing of the bus and subway are independent and uniform.

Please help find the joint and marginal distributions for this problem. Since they are independent I know that f(x,y) = fx(x) * fy(y) but do not understand how to take that and the data given in the problem to find the marginal and joint distribution. I also have to find the Expected value of X & Y.

TA : The question is not well-defined. What are X and Y? The waiting time?
X is how often the bus runs 20 (waiting time 0 < X < 20)
Y is how often the subway runs 4 (waiting time 0 < Y < 4).

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