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    Continuous probability distribution

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    I need some help with the following statistical concepts:

    Now we are going to talk about continuous probability distributions. In a continuous probability distribution, the variable can have a value within a range.

    The most common continuous distribution is the standard normal distribution, select a continuous random variable (be sure to describe it), and explain whether you think it is best characterized as a uniform or normal distribution. Be sure to support your posting with information from the text.

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    (a) Consider a long-popular brand of bulbs manufactured by a company. Let the random variable T represent the life times of these bulbs. A bulb picked up at random from the lot may last for 1205 hours or it may last for 1205.50 hours also. Thus T can assume integer values as well as decimal values, and therefore, T is a continuous random variable.
    (b) Does T follow a uniform distribution or a normal ...

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