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    SD and SE Questions

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    For a particular population, a sample of n=4 scores has a standard deviation error of 6. for the same population a sample of n=16 scores have a standard error of
    * 8

    A sample of n=16 scores has a standard deviation of 4. what is the standard deviation of the population from which the sample is obtained.
    * 64
    * 2
    * 4

    A random sample of n= 4 scores is obtained from a population with a mean of u= 80 and a standard deviation of o= 10. if the sample is M=90 what is the z-score for the sample mean? (please explain how to set up and solve this, I've been trying n-M/u ?)
    *z= 1.00
    * z= 5.00
    * z= 2.00
    * z= 20.00

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