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    Scenario Questions on Production of DVDs

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    Chief of Bruin Consulting Engineering Division, Dr. Dil Bert, is in charge of and overseeing the production of the company's DVDs. The DVDs are used to record the company's PSAs and then distributed to the local public access channels. Unfortunately, the Engineering Division's quality control is not up to the standards that the Board of Directors would like. Mr. Bill Lumbergh, a Total Quality Management Analyst, has determined that the probability of producing a defective DVD is 3%. His analysis was based upon several months of research performed by his assistants Milton, Samir, and Michael. Using this information, Dr. Dil Bert and Mr. Lumbergh would like you to answer the following questions.

    QUESTIONS 45-47: Given that 20 DVDs are produced during a production run, find the requested information below.

    A complete explanation of the answers are included in this document below the questions.

    45. [3] Determine the expected number of non-defective DVDs in the production run (round to two significant figures).

    a.) 0.60
    b.) 4.40
    c.) 19.40
    d.) 20.00
    e.) None of the above.

    46. [3] Determine the standard deviation for the number of non-defective DVDs (round to two significant figures).

    a.) 0.14
    b.) 0.58
    c.) 0.60
    d.) 0.76
    e.) None of the above.

    47. [4] Compute the probability that at least 17 DVDs are non-defective (round to four significant figures).

    a.) 0.0183
    b.) 0.0988
    c.) 0.5438
    d.) 0.9973
    e.) None of the above.

    From the table at the bottom of this document:

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