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Sample Question: Probability

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The following table gives the number of Property Crimes by category of crime and geographical region.

East South Midwest West Totals
Burglary 75 128 29 52 284
Motor Vehicle Theft 233 514 104 251 1102
Larceny 100 326 65 99 590
Totals 408 968 198 402 1976

(A) Referring to the above table, if a property crime is chosen at random, what is the probability that it is either from the South or from the Midwest?

(B) Referring to the above table, given that the crime is from the East, what is the probability that it is for a Motor Vehicle Theft?

(C) Referring to the above table, if a crime is chosen at random then what is the probability that it is a burglary?

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We have total population of N. Out of these N objects, n have property x.

The probability to choose in random one object of property x out of the entire sample is P(n,N) = n/N


There are total of N=1976 property crimes nation wide. This is our population
There were n=198 property crimes in the ...

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