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    Confidence Interval/Sample Size and Type I Error

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    1. If the level of confidence is decreased from 95 percent to 90 percent, but the allowable error and the standard deviation remain the same, the required sample size for determining the confidence interval will be:
    a. increased.
    b. decreased.
    c. unchanged.

    2. The probability of committing a type I error is
    a. equal to the probability of accepting Ho when Ho is true
    b. equal to the probability of committing a Type II error
    c. equal to the probability of accepting H1 when it is false
    d. equal to the probability of rejecting Ho when Ho is true

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    Question 1:

    Let's say we're making confidence intervals for a mean, using the z-statistic. The formula for a 95% CI is:

    x +/- 1.96* s/sqrt(n)

    In the formula, x is your sample mean, s is your sample standard deviation, and n is your ...

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