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Probability - The Journal News

In the July 29, 2001 issue of The Journal News (Hamilton Ohio) Lynn Elber of the Associated Press reported on a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation regarding parents' use of television set V-chips for controlling their children's' TV viewing. The study asked parents who own TV's equipped with V-chips whether they use the devices to block programs with objectionable content.

a. Suppose that we wish to use the study results to justify the claim that fewer the 20% of parents who own TV sets with V-chips use the device. The study actually found that 17% of the parents polled used their V-chips. If the poll surveyed 1,000 parents, and if for the sake or argument we assume that 20% of parents who own v-chips actually use the devices (that is, p= 0.2), calculate the probability of observing a sample proportion of 0.17 or less. That is calculate P( p? ≤ .17)

b. Based on the probability computed in part a, would you conclude that fewer then 20% of parents who own TV sets equipped with V-chips actually use the devices? Explain.

I have attached the question in word format. Please respond in either pdf or ensure that if the solution is written in "word" the symbols will be legible. I have received solutions before from OTA's, and unfortunately the symbols have not appeared in the answers they wrote back to me. I then cannot see how they reached the answers.. Thank you
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