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    probability function

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    A standard die has its faces painted different colors. Faces3,4,6 are red, faces 2 and 5 are black and face 1 is white.
    a) Find the probability that when the die is rolled, a black or even numbered face shows uppermost.

    a game is played by rolling the die onvce. If any of the red faces show uppermost, the player wins the dollar amount showing, while id a black faces shows, the player losed twice the amount showing. If a white face shows, he wins or loses nothing.

    b) find the probability function of the palyer's winnings X
    c)find the expected amount won. Would you play this game?

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    a)No of favourable outcomes = 2( there are 2 black faces) + 2( even face shows up , since 2 has a black face it is already been counted for).
    Total no of ...

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    The probability that when a die is rolled, a black or even numbered face shows uppermost. The expected amount won is computed.