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Probability Concepts and Applications

I need help with the probability and explaining it. This is graduate level work. Please see attached case study. The questions I need help with are the two for the case study at the bottom of the page.

These are the two discussion questions:
1. What are the chances of getting 15 days of rain over the next 30 days?
2. What do you think about Joe's assumptions concerning the weather for the next 30 days?

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To calculate the chance of 15 raining days in the upcoming month, we need to use the binomial distribution.

Prob(X = k) = (nCk)(p^k)(1-p)^(n-k).

In this formula, X is the random variable that we are concerned with (so the number of raining days). k is the value that we want it to be (so 15), n is the total number ...

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This posting helps with probability concepts and applications. It answers two questions regarding a case study. The questions answers include the changes of rain occurring, and a discussion about someone's assumptions concerning the weather. Step by step calculations and explanations are given in 220 words.