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    Probability of a Coin Toss

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    A coin was flipped twenty times and landed heads fifteen times. Based upon this information, answer the following the question:

    If the coin is balanced (fair) what is the probability of a head on the toss?
    If the coin is not balanced (not fair), what is the probability of a head on the next toss?
    If a fair coin is flipped three times what is the probability of getting the following outcomes?
    - Zero Heads
    - One or more heads
    = One head followed by two tails.

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    For a fair coin, probability of a head on a toss, p = 1/2 == 0.5

    If the coin is not a fair coin, the probability of head in a toss, p = 15/20 == ...

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    Probabilities of different outcomes on toss of a coin are solved here.