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Picking a Card in a Game

A situation is presented where you have to pick the queen out of 3 cards, the other two are Aces. The person running the game asks you to pick a card, you do, and he turns over a card that you didn't pick to show it was an ace. He then offers you the choice to keep your card or choose the third card. Using your knowledge of probability, do you stick with your pick or switch? Explain your decision and reasoning.

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Basically, the solution is based as follows:

Let's say the queen is card 1
The Aces in Card 2 and 3

Option 1: You originally choose card 1. Then, you get shown one of the Ace card (let's say card 2 or 3) at which point if you CHANGE (to the ...

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This solution tries to determine whether one should switch their choice of cards in a game.