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Probability: Boat Schedules and Weather

1. During summer weekdays, boats arrive at the inlet drawbridge according to the Poisson distribution at a rate of 3 per hour. In a 2 hour period, what is the probability that 2 boats arrive?
Please provide the answer in the form 0.xxxx or .xxxx.

2. A researcher wants to simulate sunny and rainy days in her town for a 3-week period. What is the minimum number of digits the student must obtain from a random number table for each observation if it rained on two-fifths of the days over the past several years at this time of the year? Assume that days can be classified historically as either sunny or rainy.

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Using the Poisson distribution, this response calculates the probability that two boats will arrive within a 2 hour period and the number of digits a student must obtain from a random number table.