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    I don't understand what the difference in the wording is asking for between these three questions on percentages. To me it appears that two are asking the same question. Please answer the questions and explain how the wording differentiates what is being asked.

    Female Male Total
    Sony Cyber Shot 73 59 132
    Kodak Easy Share 49 47 96
    Canon Power Shot 58 33 91
    Pentax 37 41 78
    Olympus 45 28 73
    Other Brands 86 67 153
    Total 348 275 623

    Please answer and explain how the wording distinguishes what is being asked.

    1. The percentage of consumers who are male and prefer Pentax is?

    2. Of the consumers who are male, the percentage who prefer Pentax is?

    3. Of the consumers who prefer Pentax, what percent is male? I believe the answer is C since Pentax is the who

    Use these choices for all 3 questions

    a. 44.1% (275/623)
    b. 6.6% (41/623)
    c. 52.6% (41/78)
    d. 14.9% (41/275)
    e. 12.5% (78/623)

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