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Binomial & Poisson Probabilities

Two percent of the parts from a production process are defective. A sample of five parts from the production process is selected. What is the probability that the sample contains exactly two defective parts?

Four percent of the customers of a mortgage company default on their payments. A sample of five customers is selected. What is the probability that exactly two customers in the sample will default on their payments?

The random variable x is the number of occurrences of an event over an interval of ten minutes. It can be assumed that the probability of an occurrence is the same in any two time periods of an equal length. It is known that the mean number of occurrences in ten minutes is 5.3.
The probability that there are less than 3 occurrences is

Forty percent of all registered voters in a national election are female. A random sample of 5 voters is selected. The probability that there are no females in the sample is

Sixty percent of the student body of a large university consists of female students. A random sample of 8 students is selected. What is the random variable in this experiment?

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