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    Bernoulli Trials / Geometric and Binomial models

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    1. suppose a computer chip manufacturer rejects 3% of the chips produced because they fail presale testing.

    A. What is the probability that the sixth chip you test is the first bad one you find?

    My Answer:

    Using the Geometric Probability Model
    1. Only 2 possible outcomes - yes
    2. p is constant - yes, 0.03
    3. the trials are independent or n< 10% of the population - yes

    p = bad chip = 0.03
    Q = good chip = 0.97

    P(X) = (q^x-1)(p)
    P(X=6) = (.97^5)(.03) = 0.026

    B. If you test 4 chips, what is the probability that none of the chips fails?

    My answer:

    Using the Binomial Probability Model
    (Check conditions again, all apply)

    p = 0.03
    q = 0.97
    n = 4
    k = 0

    nCk = n! / (k!)(n-k)! = 4! / 0!4! = 1

    P(X) = (nCk)(p^k)(q^n-k) = (1)(0.03^0)(0.97^4) = 0.885

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    I checked both your solutions and both of them are correct.

    In both these problems you are dealing with a set of Bernoulli trials. You have correctly identified a single Bernoulli trial as an experiment where there are only two possible outcomes, sometimes called "success" and ...

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