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    Arrangements, Combinations, Permutations and Probabilities

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    1. You have 3 suits, 7 shirts, 10 ties--how many arrangements--answer and equation.

    2. 20 cars, 5 defective, sample of 4 selected, what is probability one of the 4 is defective--answer and equation.

    3. You have 4 identical gift cards-to give among 8 customers --how many arrangements are there--answer and equation.

    4. You groomed 8 dogs, on average 80% need dipping, probability that 8 or more will need dipping. answer and equation

    5. 60% of paid by check, 20% of checks bounced, we had 100 customers today/ what would be the expected number of checks to bounce--answer and equation

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    The solution answers five questions on combinations and permutations as well as probabilities.