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Probability of intersections of events

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Mr. Arthur Van De Lay, not only the company's Chief Information Officer, but also the reigning mid-west "Rock, Paper, Scissors" champion, has bid on two eco-friendly projects. Project "A" is a recycling of metals contract with the town of Bellevue, NE, and project "B" is the toxic clean up contract for Omaha, NE, city parks after the summer rock concerts series. Historically, Bruin Consulting has done fairly well competing against other companies for these types of projects (just another reason for some of the awards bestowed upon them by the Goore Earth First Foundation). Mr. Van De Lay has asked your division to evaluate the probabilities and provide some analysis.

According to Ms. Elaine Benes, Sr. Vice President for Information and Technology, the probability of getting the metal recycling project (Project "A") is 0.65. The probability of getting the toxic clean up project (Project "B") is 0.77. Finally, the probability of getting at least one or the other of the two projects is 0.90.

What is the probability that Bruin Consulting will get both projects?

a.) 0.5005
b.) 0.5200
c.) 0.7222
d.) 0.8556
e.) None of the above.

Are the events of getting the two projects mutually exclusive?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) Cannot be determined with the information provided.

Are the two events independent?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) Cannot be determined with the information provided.

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Solution Summary

This solution finds probabilities of intersections of events that are independent

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