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Probability Problem

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Epidemiologists at a medical center in the Northeast are interested in the etiology of anthracosis ("Black lung" disease), caused by the inhalation of coal dust. All the coal miners in a particlar cummunity were screened and classified according to their length of employment in the coal mines and whether symptoms of anthracosis were present. The results are in a table 1 in file #1.

Suppose a coal miner is selected at random from this community, and his length of employment and presence or absence of symptoms are noted. a. List the simple events for this experiement. b. Let B be the event that the worker has symptoms of anthracosis. Find P(B). c. Let C be the event that the worker has spent at least 3 years in the mines. Find P(C). d. Let D be the event that the woker has spent less than 3 years in the mines and has no symptoms. Find P(D).

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This solution explains probability and then the solution is explained in full. Supplementary resources of other examples are also provided.

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This problem deals with a probability. A probability provides a quantitative description of the likely occurrence of a particular event.

Probability is conventionally expressed on a scale from 0 to 1; a rare event has a probability close to 0, a very common event has a probability close to 1. ...

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