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Hypothesis testing 5 step approach

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Factual questions (1 point each-10 points) No lengthy answers
1. Suppose that on a 100 item multiple choice test almost all students scored
between 95 and 100 but a small scattering number of participants scored as
low as 20.When plotted as a curve, the distribution will show what type of a
2. If all participants in a group have the same score, what is the value of the
standard deviation of the scores?
3. If a difference between two variables is declared to be statistically
significant, what decision is being made about the Ho?
4. The researcher commits what type of an error when she/he fails to reject
the Ho which incorrectly states that there is no difference between the
population means?
Answers should be appropriate for the points
Question for Table 1
1 (a) what values for 'preferences' are listed for each measurement tool?
Name each one
(b) Are the differences in 'preference' values statistically significant?
(c) What statistical test is used to test the data?
(d) What level of significance is used?
Question for Table 5 (10 points).
2. (a) what is the value of the Pearson' r' for the relationship between
'quadriceps strength' and the 'side step test? Explain clearly to justify your
(b) I s the 'r' value significant? Provide a rationale for your answer
Questions for Table VI
3. (a) How many groups were in the samples? and what are the groups
(b) What t' ratio listed in the table had the largest 'p' value?
(c) What does the result (answer to b) indicate?
(d) Are the results statistically significant? Provide a rationale for your
(e) Is this an parametric statistic or non parametric statistic?
Explain the difference between two

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Solution Summary

The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of test statistic and p value . Formula for the calculation and Interpretations of the results are also included.

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