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Solving various questions on contigency table (biostat)

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The solution gives complete solutions for various questions on contigency table and its properties. Each question is discussed in details.

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The Procedure to Test the Efficacy of Drugs

Two drugs (A,B) are compared for the medical treatment of duodenal ulcer. For this purpose, patients are carefully matched on age, sex, and clinical condition. The treatment results based on 200 matched pairs show that for 89 matched pairs both treatments are effective; for 90 matched pairs both treatments are ineffective; for 5 matched pairs drug A is effective, whereas drug B is ineffective; for 16 matched pairs drug B is effective, whereas drug A is ineffective.

a. What test procedure can be used to assess the values?
b. How many concordant pairs are there?
c. How many discordant pairs are?
d. Perform the test in (a) and report a p-value.

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