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    Standard Normal Distribution

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    The diameter of a shaft in an optical storage drive is normally distributed with mean 0.2508 inch and standard deviation 0.0005inch. The specifications of the shaft are 0.2500+/-0.0015 inch.

    a.) What proportion of the shafts conforms to specifications?

    b.) What can be done to reduce non-conforming proportion?

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    <br>Specifications of the shaft diameter D are 0.2500+/-0.0015 inch.
    <br>Hence (0.2500 + 0.0015) > D > (0.2500 - 0.0015
    <br>that is, 0.2515 > D > 0.2485 ... these are the upper and lower limits allowed.
    <br>Now find the ...

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    The solution determines what proportion of the shafts conforms to specifications and what can be done to reduce non-conforming proportion.