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    Normal Distribution

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    A. What does it mean to say that x = 152 has a standard score of +1.5?

    b. What does it mean to say that a particular value of x has a z-score of -2.1?

    c. In general, what is the standard score a measure of?

    6. An animal trainer obtained the following data (Table A) in a study of reaction times of dogs (in seconds) to a specific stimulus. He then selected another group of dogs that were much older than the first group and measure their reaction times to the same stimulus. The data is shown in Table B.

    Table A Table B
    Classes Frequency Classes Frequency
    2.3-2.9 10 2.3-2.9 1
    3.0-3.6 12 3.0-3.6 3
    3.7-4.3 6 3.7-4.3 4
    4.4-5.0 8 4.4-5.0 16
    5.1-5.7 4 5.1-5.7 14
    5.8-6.4 2 5.8-6.4 4

    Find the variance and standard deviation for the two distributions above. Compare the variation of the data sets. Decide if one data set is more variable than the other.

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